A collection of fun in browsers
2024-02-09 / Piko / CC BY-SA 4.0 / technology, software, fun

Here’s a list of some silly links you can use to have fun with your browser.

It was inspired by a toot by Dottore Chi:

Drag the links below to your bookmarks bar, navigate to a website, and click the bookmarklet to see what happens. To undo the effects, simply reload the page, for example by pressing F5.

Just clicking the links here while looking at this page will apply the effects to this page, but it’s more interesting to try them on other websites. Especially on social media websites!

Mess up the website
This bookmarklet will randomly tilt and rotate all elements on the website, like you in the screenshot above.

Makes the website shake with fear!

Upside down
This will turn the whole website upside down, but might have other unexpected effects.

Change images to cats
This will replace all images on the website with a random cat picture from cat as a service.

Color effect
This will change the colors of elements on the website to random colors. Discreet, but my favorite.

Makes everything a little blurry.

Makes everything slowly increasingly blurry, stops at approximately Piko’s vision.

Letter dance
This is a bookmarklet that blinry found somewhere, but they can’t remember where. If you know, please tell me! It messes up the text on a website, making it hard to read.

Another possibility to mess up your screen:
Ideal monitor rotation for programmers

Have fun!


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