Onions and Nuts

Performance project with Alicia S. Ryes
2022-08-01 / Piko / CC BY-SA 4.0 / performance, music, technology, fav, popular

In 2021, Alicia S. Ryes and I created a video performance called “Onions and Nuts”. The piece was created as part of the Performance Philosophy Class at the HfMT Hamburg, taught by John MacCallum.

The piece was strongly influenced by the pandemic situation – without the possibility to meet in person, we were forced to communicate via video calls. This led to a strong focus on the body and the voice, and how they can be used to communicate as well as to present yourself and construct a self-image.

In the piece, we explore self-perception and the possibility to communicate in the digital age. We use a combination of pre-recorded video and live video as well as audio and music. You can watch the piece here:

For the composition competition Ad Libitum by Winfried Böhler Stiftung and Neue Musik Baden-Württemberg, we created a live version of the piece, which features two performers, one on stage with a computer, the other in another room, connected via video call. The performer on stage is controlling the video call, the pre-recorded audio, and the music. The performer in the other room is performing with body and voice. This recreates the pandemic situation, where we are all connected via video calls, but also allows for a live performance in front of an audience.

It was performed live in 2022 at the festival Der Sommer in Stuttgart in Stuttgart.


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